The SEO Copywriting Course without all the Bullsh*t

Kevin Vertommen
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Most SEO copywriting courses consist of hours of video material or multi-day training sessions.

But with such a busy schedule as yours, you obviously don't have time for that.

The solution?

My SEO copywriting course without all the bullsh*t.

In less then one hour you will learn all the secrets of SEO copywriting, such as:

  • How to perform a keyword research
  • How to write the perfect title
  • How to optimize internal links
  • How to improve your meta descriptions
  • How to increase the CTR of your title tags
  • ... and much, much more

With the help of these tips your pages will rank higher in Google and other search engines, bringing in more visitors and growing your business.

This guide only contains the essentials.

There's no unnecessary filler content that other courses use to pump up their word count (and waste your time). No, longer isn't alway better... We keep it short and sweet, with 76 slides packed with useful tips.

In addition, all techniques are explained visually, making it immediately clear what you should and shouldn't do.

Here are some examples:

So if you...

  • want to learn SEO copywriting techniques
  • don't have much time
  • prefer a visual way of learning

This is absolutely a must-buy!

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The fastest way to learn SEO copywriting

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The SEO Copywriting Course without all the Bullsh*t

0 ratings
I want this!